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Vertically Integrated

GR8FL Solar is an in house residential and commercial installer as well as in house residential roofing company. Partnering with us means more opportunity and less middlemen.

Residential Solar - We’ll handle your solar jobs start to finish while providing your customers with a VIP experience.

Commercial Solar - Have commercial deals? We’ll handle the entire process for ya, we can install commercial solar in all 50 states.

Residential Roofing - Whether you’re looking to sell roofs, solar or both we can handle all your roofing needs with unparalleled quality.

Bada$$ Culture

There’s no better company to work with during this solar gold rush than GR8FL Solar. With our abundant minded culture and proven sales training, you’ll be set up to win big!

Training - You’ll receive free access to the top training programs in the entire industry. Learn from the best so you can sell like the best.

Fast Installs - We started as a sales company before bringing our installs in house. We recognize the importance of fast installs and make it our #1 priority so you’re paid fast.

Transparent Commissions - You receive a transparent pay stub each time you’re paid showing exactly why you’re paid what you’re paid. No more “mystery adders” that gobble up your commissions.

Systems + Support = Success

We’ve invested heavily in the best systems and procedures to ensure your success and simplify the solar sales process.

Software - We’ve spared no expense on our tech. You’ll receive the best proposal tool and CRM that exist today.

Team - In addition to your virtual training programs we have the best team in the industry. You’ll be blown away by the level of experience and training our team will provide.

GR8FL CX - We created GR8FL CX (customer experience) to elevate the standard held for your solar customers. Most companies offer customer service (reactive) while we offer a customer experience (proactive).

Always GR8FL, Never Satisfied.

"Mauris neque sapien, sed molestie sit amet, consectetur ut nulla. Curabitur pretium nibh neque, vel vulputate dolor luctus eget."

Andreine Coline
CTO & Founder

The GR8FL Sauce



Clunky Proposal Tool

Little to no training

Capped earnings

8+ week average install times

Delayed payouts

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A+ Proposal Software

Quarterly Leadership Retreats

Annual Company Retreat

Annual GR8FL Gala

Weekly Payouts

Solar U Training

Long Term Growth

Uncapped Earnings

3-5 Week Avg Install Time

Transparent Commissions


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Mauris neque sapien, sed molestie sit amet, consectetur ut nulla. Curabitur pretium nibh neque, vel vulputate dolor luctus eget.

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Direct Program

Work directly with us and earn incentives, trips and trainings that are exclusive to our direct program. Receive in person training from our internal leadership team to ensure fast success.

Dealer Program

Own your own sales company? Partner with us your preferred installer. We provide your proposal tool, training programs, and only use the best equipment and warranties.

Blitz Program

Enroll for a 2 week blitz with our black ops program. We provide the housing, training and support you need to win big in a short time. Our blitz program is fully anonymous to protect you from potentially losing commissions from your prior company.

Remote Program

Looking to sell solar but unable to relocate or work in person? Apply for our remote program to take advantage of the solar gold rush 100% virtually.